Digital Marketing Trends the Industry Experts Say Will Dominate 2022

Krista Nehar, CEO of Boot Camp Digital

1. LinkedIn just keeps growing. Don’t ignore it in your 2022 marketing plans.

  • Your account gets changed to a ‘Follow’ account and LinkedIn will be able to suggest you as a ‘creator’ that should be followed.
  • The Creator Hub will give you early access to new features.
  • You immediately get access to LinkedIn Live without needing to go through the application process. This video feature will help businesses to market their products and services.

2. SEO is more integrated so forget the hacks in 2022

Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram

Leverage Instagram Reels

Michael Stelzner, CEO and founder of Social Media Examiner.

Ephemeral social media posts will go down while Long-form content takes center-stage in 2022



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